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Evolution of Pizza: Fast-Casual Reinventions

Evolution of Pizza: Fast-Casual Reinventions


Last Published: 12/10/2018

Evolution of Pizza: Fast-Casual Reinventions

Charting the future of the quick-serve pizza? 

The fast-casual pizzeria is showing solid growth, despite many concerns that the seemingly overnight boom of quick-serve pizzas is oversaturating the market and will, just as quickly, fizzle away. Locations, as well as sales have slowed in the last two years and it is important to mention that only about 28% of consumers visit a fast-casual pizza operation at least once a month; comparable to full-service pizza restaurants.

As a result, we may begin to see key pizza players testing new takeout-friendly packaging, delivery strategies/techniques and menu expansion to include non-pizza options. This does not come as a surprise as we see more and more consumers lean in this direction, especially with third-party delivery services such as GrubHub, Uber Eats and DoorDash. Here is what entegra’s Supplier Partner, Ventura Foods says to look out for:

  • Expect further off-premise developments, particularly alcohol delivery and catering to be part of the contemporary fast-casual takeout package
  • Fast-casual pizza operators double down on the lunch daypart with pizzas with salads as toppings for a lighter option or more portable-friendly calzones

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