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Meatless Goes Mainstream

Meatless Goes Mainstream


Last Published: 09/12/2019

Meatless Goes Mainstream

The plant-based eating movement brings more meatless options to dining.

Gone are the days when vegetarians and vegans searched menus in the hope of finding selections that fit their eating preference. As the plant-based eating movement becomes increasingly mainstream, look for more meatless options to be fully integrated across sectors. “Consumers,” says Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President of research for the National Restaurant Association, “especially Millennials and Gen Z, are much more knowledgeable about food and want to eat as healthfully as they can. Many have adopted vegetarian and vegan diets.” According to Nielsen research for the Plant-Based Foods Association and the Good Food Institute, sales of plant-based food in the United States rose by 8.1% in 2017, topping $3.1 billion, and the numbers continue to climb!

Product options for meat stand-ins are becoming easier to find, including bean, mushroom or tofu-based “hamburgers.” These consumers are also more open to new flavors and textures, creating a whole new of plant-based cuisine in the form of grain combinations or exotic vegetable bowls.

Ideas to include in your dining operation:

  • Ensure that menus include multiple offerings that appeal to vegan and vegetarian consumers, possibly based on traditional ethnic cuisines such as Indian Dahl (with lentils) or Pan-Asian vegetables

  • A build-your-own food bar serves as a great place to introduce new vegan meat alternatives and unusual dishes that include fruits and vegetables to adventurous diners

  • Provide a selection of healthy grain bowls powered by entegra supplier UNCLE BEN’S® INTERNATIONAL GRAINS™ Quinoa & Ancient Grains Medley

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