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Regional Favorites: Southwest in the Know with Queso

Regional Favorites: Southwest in the Know with Queso


Last Published: 01/16/2018

Regional Favorites: Southwest in the Know with Queso

What’s better than cheese? Melted cheese, of course! 

Queso is a Tex-Mex classic that has fueled the American southwest for a long time. This smooth dipping sauce traditionally calls for a blend of melted cheeses including Velveeta, yellow Colby or Monterey Jack along with cream. There are as many styles of this regional favorite as there are ingredients, including such popular additions as green chiles, tomatoes, jalapeños, ground beef and guacamole. The beauty of queso is that it’s like a culinary blank canvas waiting for the next inspired chef to create his or her masterpiece in response to consumer demand and dining preferences.


  • Any way you like it. Always looking to please their customers, regional restaurants offer queso featuring a wide range of ingredients, including maple-smoked brisket, asedero cheese, pico de gallo, ground beef, guacamole and even crawfish.
  • Turning up the heat. Some restaurants kick up the flavor profile of their queso by adding fiery additions like hatch chiles, poblano peppers and chorizo.
  • Everything queso. One dedicated queso-loving restaurant will generously portion queso on top of anything on their menu.

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