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Sysco and Gordon Eliminates Delivery Fuel Surcharges

Sysco and Gordon Eliminates Delivery Fuel Surcharges


Last Published: 06/17/2020

Effective May 25, 2020 Sysco and Gordon’s Food Service will eliminate their $2 per drop fuel surcharge to clients who must currently pay it.

Oil2020.pngMost regional suppliers of dairy and produce have already eliminated all fuel surcharges. Over past years, due to high diesel prices, many entegra-contracted prime distributors implemented fuel surcharges.

Prime distribution fuel surcharges are based on the raw low sulfur price before refinement, the U.S. Energy Information Administration website and the NY Harbor Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Index.

Diesel fuel prices have dropped significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in the ability to cut delivery fuel surcharges across the industry. While prices are currently lower due to the pandemic, there is still uncertainty and fluctuation in the market as business returns to normal. It is entegra’s policy to hold surcharge changes until steady fuel price levels are seen for at least two months.

For more detailed fuel price information, view the New York Harbor Ultra-Low-Sulfur No. 2 Diesel Fuel prices found on the U.S. Energy Information Administration website.

Questions? Please Contact the Client Procurement Services Call Center at 866-ENTEGRA (368 3472) or CallCenter.USA@clientPS.com.

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