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The Future of Foodservice: Customize!

The Future of Foodservice: Customize!


Last Published: 09/12/2019

The Future of Foodservice: Customize!

People want to choose their food while dining out.

Customization is increasingly becoming an expectation of consumers and provides them with a more personalized experience. In fact, 77% of fast casual consumers say they want more build-your-own menu options. Customization opens the door to try new flavors and flavor combinations, particularly authentic ethnic flavors that are increasingly in demand. Personalization, largely through the use of technology, takes the customization model a step further to more carefully tailor menu items to the consumer’s individual needs. Personalization also speaks to the health considerations of consumers by allowing them to control portions, calorie-counts and other nutritional characteristics.

Personalization not only satisfies customer preferences, it helps operators address staffing challenges and reduces costs by cutting down on food waste. As operators struggle to recruit and retain labor, offering customization allows for more automation and step-by-step menu simplification for staff. Operators can provide consumers a meal with new and unique flavors, tailored to their dietary requirements, without having to train staff on complicated recipes and preparation techniques.

Furthermore, as many operators are streamlining menus because of the labor constraints, customization can beef up a simplified menu by allowing for topping and sauce combinations. Giving customers the option to personalize their meals improves loyalty while at the same time cutting food waste since customers are ordering exactly what they want to eat.

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