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Coronavirus and Illness Prevention Resources

Entegra's COVID-19 Resources

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We Help Your Business

As businesses across the country are impacted by COVID-19, entegra is here to help your operation navigate the ever-evolving situation, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Our supply management team continually works with our contracted suppliers to monitor product availability, ensure high standards and mitigate risk for high-demand products. Our service team develops resources and services, like those outlined below, many of which we are making publicly available.




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Additional Members-Only Services, Resources and Programs

Our ​entegra members have access to a variety of members-only resources, informational guides, programs and purchasing discounts. If you are a member, click any of the below. For more information or to gain access, contact us

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PPE Programs

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Purchasing Guides

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Disaster Preparedness Guides

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Limited Time Offers

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Industry-Specific Resources

COVID-19 Reminders


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For more information on COVID, visit the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization’s “Advice for the Public” page.