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Coronavirus and Illness Prevention Resources

Supply Chain Impact of COVID-19

Updated 3/25/2020


Entegra’s supply management team continues to work closely with our contracted suppliers to monitor product availability, ensure high standards and mitigate risk for high-demand products. Generally, there is no disruption to food supplies. As impacted products are identified, information will be shared here on this page as soon as possible.


Please check back to this page regularly for updated information.


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Preventive Actions to Protect Yourself and Others

avoid crowded.JPG

Avoid contact with people who are sick, especially if they are coughing and sneezing

wash hands.JPG

Frequently clean your hands using the correct handwashing technique using the WHO technique with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) and dry hands thoroughly, preferably using a disposable paper towel. In addition (or where hand washing facilities are not available) sanitize hands using an alcohol-based hand rub. The use of gloves is NOT a substitute for correct hand hygiene/washing


Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth


Clean and sanitize frequently touched objects and surfaces


Alcohol based hand gel/rub should be made available in addition to soap/water/towels as a final step in hand hygiene/washing NOT as a replacement for handwashing


Protect the health of your staff and customers by restricting all non-essential business travel. This will help avoid the transmission of infection and reduce the possibility of employees or contractors from becoming stranded or quarantined as a result of business travel.


Services, Equipment and Supplies


  • Disposables

  • Face Masks: Currently, we do not have access to 3M face masks. As of March 23, there is no availability in the market to buy face masks of any type on a business-level scale. We are actively pursuing alternative manufacturers for these products.

  • PPE Update: Other categories of PPE are available through normal ordering channels outside of the facemask category. Delays are limited to regional warehouse stocking issues and should be mitigated within two business days.

  • Gloves: Handgards and Food Handler are our contracted suppliers for gloves. Please order all gloves from your standard distributor – i.e. your local prime distribution house or Network Services.

Please noteIf you are not an existing Network customer, new customer requests are being prioritized for Healthcare and Senior Living environments. We are currently working to source product from additional suppliers for other segments. 

  • Hand Hygiene: Ecolab and Gojo are our contracted suppliers for hand hygiene, vendors reserve the right to adjust pack sizes, substitute similar products and limit quantities.

  • ECOLAB: Ecolab is now reporting nationwide shortages on all skus of sanitizer. They are in stock on hand soap and can provide portable handwashing sinks. Some skus of private label SYSCO sanitizer product may be in stock. Please use the escalation process under chemicals for any Ecolab ordering.

  • GOJO (Purell): Continue to be in stock for existing customers. These should be ordered through Network Services– they are prioritizing entegra, specifically healthcare, senior and government-based supplies. We are working on a direct order escalation process, but not available at this time. View the current price list, valid through August 2020.

  • Disinfecting/Sanitizing Chemicals: Ecolab is our contracted vendor for these chemicals. Current supplies are behind demand. They are working to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Please order all chemicals from your standard distributor – i.e. your local prime distribution house or Network Services as first attempt. In the event of stockouts, please use the below escalation path:

    • Ecolab Escalation 

      1. Order through standard distribution channels, first with Ecolab product, then with private label substitution options. If not available, progress to #2.

      2. Contact Ecolab direct order team at 800-352-5326., customer service can process the order and have it shipped directly to your location (express delivery available at additional charge).  Ask the team for other similar product availability. If not available, progress to #3.

      3. Ask direct order team to log and pass request to local account representative to fulfill need. Daily, we are asking Ecolab to for an order report to understand stockout patterns and hold accountable for fulfilling needs.

    • Diversey Oxivir Escalation 

      1. Order through standard distribution channels. If not available, progress to #2.

      2. Utilize the distribution flow and drop ship allocation form.


Entegra-Contracted Suppliers for Prevention and Cleaning



Where to Buy


Antimicrobial and Sanitizing Products

Prime Distribution, Network Services (also available under distributor labeling)

Sani Professional

Antimicrobial and Sanitizing Products

Prime Distribution, Network Services


Hand Hygiene Products

Prime Distribution, Network Services

Kimberly Clark

Hand Hygiene Products

Prime Distribution, Network Services


Hand Hygiene Products

Network Services


Personal Protective



Facility cleaning, Disinfecting and Decontamination Services

Contact your entegra Representative or the entegra Call Center, 1-866-ENTEGRA (368-3472)


Facility cleaning, Disinfecting and Decontamination Services

Contact your entegra Representative or the entegra Call Center, 1-866-ENTEGRA (368-3472)



Prime Distributor Information

Sysco and Gordon Food Service (GFS) have begun to implement measures to safeguard their own employees as well as the associates in which they interact with on a regular basis. Each distributor has released official communications addressing potential operator concerns.


Food and "Grab 'n' Go" Options



 Disinfecting and Illness Prevention

EPA-registered antimicrobial, sanitizing products available on the entegra program include:


Sani Professional


Current Clients: Please log in to the Client Portal for more ordering details.

If you are not registered, please register with your entegra account or client number. If you do not know your account number, please contact your entegra representative or the entegra Call Center, 1-866-ENTEGRA (368-3472).

What is COVID-19?

COVID 19 Symptoms infographic.jpgCoronavirus is a family of viruses known to cause a range of flu-like symptoms. Cases of coronavirus have been reported around the world.


The symptoms of COVID-19 typically seen are:

  • Coughing and/or shortness of breath

  • Fever/raised temperature

COVID-19 is a concern because it is new and therefore people don’t have any immunity. It is highly contagious and can cause serious illness including pneumonia.

Elderly people, those with pre-existing medical conditions, and people with compromised immune systems are most vulnerable to developing serious illness.

No specific treatment or vaccine against the virus currently exists

What You Need To Do

Take precautions Capture.PNG

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